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Easter Week in Seville

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Easter week

   It's a celebration which reaches levels of aesthetic and spiritual intensity that make it unique among all Easter Week celebrations. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, nearly sixty confraternities take to the streets to bring the Passion and Death of Christ to life. There is an old tradition of singing a special flamenco style of threnody called saeta as the processions of the confraternities pass various points along the route.

   Easter Week in Seville is considered an art form in itself, as well as being the manifestation of a profound spiritual feeling. It is a complex and sometimes paradoxical phenomenon. It is a truly popular experience in which everybody takes part, without any class distinctions. And it is at the same time religious and artistic, serious and joyful, simple and luxuriant.

   Easter Week in Seville is not only a Catholic fiesta going back over four hundred years, but the synthesis of a whole culture centred on sensual pleasure and the essentials of being human.

The Nazareno

The Costalero

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'Saeta' Flamenco Singer

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Easter Menu

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Now you know everything about Seville Easter Week, enjoy it!

Processions in Seville

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