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Tasting Notes

       A very bright, pale straw coloured wine. A sharp, delicate bouquet with predominant floral aromas reminiscent of camomile, almonds and dough. Dry, fresh and delicate on the palate, light and smooth in spite of a dry finish. Light acidity produces a pleasant sensation of freshness and a lingering, slightly bitter aftertaste.

Production and Aging

       These wines are obtained from palomino grape must, produce of low pressure, non-aggressive pressing and a complete fermentation process. The consequent fortification to 15% by volume facilitates biological ageing, a process which must be carried out in its entirety in bodegas located in Sanlucar de Barrameda. The unique micro-climatic conditions of the town, sitting as it does at the mouth of the River Guadalquivir, facilitate the growth of a film of yeast (flor) with very special characteristics. As a consequence, biologically aged wines produced in Sanlucar have special organoleptic characteristics which differentiate them from those of the rest of the Region. On occasion, manzanilla wines are submitted to exceptionally prolonged ageing periods during which the film of flor begins to weaken, permitting a slight degree of oxidation and thus producing the "Manzanillas Pasadas".

Serving Tips

       Must be served chilled, at between 44 and 48F. It is ideal as an aperitif or to accompany all types of tapa, especially all types of sea-food such as shellfish and fish. It also combines well with all foods which have a salty taste (cold meats, salted meats and fish), as well as any dish containing vinegar (salads, marinades, cold soups, etc...).


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La Gitana Manzanilla


La Gitana Manzanilla