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Tasting Notes

       Ranging from chestnut to an intense mahogany in colour, with a pronounced density and tearing. The characteristic varietal notes of muscatel grapes stand out in the nose with the presence of the floral aromas of jasmine, orange blossom and honey suckle in addition to citric notes of lime and grapefruit and other hints of sweetness.
    It has a restrainedly sweet palate with predominate varietal and floral notes leading to a slightly dry, bitter finish.

Production and Aging

       This wine is obtained from grapes of the same name which undergo a process known as "sunning" until the grapes turn into raisins. Musts are obtained after pressing which possess extraordinary high levels of sugar and a certain degree of colouring and which are then submitted to partial alcoholic fermentation, later detained by the addition of wine alcohol.
       Its aging process is exclusively oxidative in nature, favouring a progressive concentration of aromas and increasing complexity, though always ensuring not to lose the freshness and fruity character of the grape variety.

Serving Tips

       Moscatel must be served slightly chilled at between 12 and 14C.
    This wine makes the ideal combination for pastries and desserts which are not excessively sweet, based on fruit and ice-cream.


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Find here Moscatel


Find here Moscatel