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Paella Recipes

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Paella Recipes

   Many non-Spaniards view paella as Spain's national dish. However, most Spaniards consider it to be a regional Valencian dish. Valencians, in turn, regard paella as one of their identity symbols.
   There are three widely known types of paella recipes: Valencian paella (paella valenciana), seafood paella (paella de marisco) and mixed paella (paella mixta); but there are many others as well. Valencian paella consists of white rice, green vegetables, meat, snails, beans and seasoning. Seafood paella replaces meat and snails with seafood and omits beans and green vegetables. Mixed paella is a free-style combination of meat, seafood and vegetables.

Mixed Paella (Paella Mixta)

In Spain, mixed paella is very popular. Some restaurants that serve this mixed version, refer to it as Valencian paella but Valencians insist only the original recipe can bear the name paella valenciana.

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